Developers are opening brand new Myo Developer Kits every day, and doing things with them we never dreamed possible. But with final pre-order units shipping soon, we want to show you what you can do with your Myo armband straight out of the box, hacker or not!


The Myo armband connects to your computer through Myo Connect, a bit of software magic that runs in the background and automatically gives you control of your Myo-enabled programs. With Myo Connect running, just open PowerPoint, Keynote, or Adobe Acrobat and your Myo armband will let you control them with your hands. Wave around to start navigating your slides!


If you have smarthome technologies like SmartThings, you’re in luck: it’s integrated with the Myo armband. Through your smartphone, controlling the smart technology around your home is easy.


Got a Bluetooth Smart connection on your phone? You’ll be able to use Myo Music! It works the same way: run Spotify or iTunes and a connected Myo armband takes control. Any time you need to pause your music on the go, just spread your fingers. Wave your hand to skip tracks and a roll your fist to control the volume.


Same deal for Spotify, VLC, Netflix, or iTunes: you’ll have instant gesture control of your TV shows, movies, and music. Wave in and out to skip forward or back, grab control of the volume with a fist, and spread your fingers to play and pause wherever you are.

Radio Control

If RC toys are your thing, we’re integrating Parrot AR.Drones and Sphero right now. These are both already controlled by a smartphone app, so Myo armband control is easy. For the drone, make a fist to take control of direction, wave to change altitude, and spread your fingers to take off and land. Using a Myo armband to remotely control toys is as close as a person can get to telekinesis.

We love showing off these uses because they’re some of our favorites around the office, but all of this is only the beginning. Developers are unleashing their imaginations on the Myo armband and solving problems we didn’t know existed.

Stay tuned for more applications in the Myo Market, coming soon!