We’re Thalmic Labs, the company behind the Myo armband, the innovative gesture control armband launched back in February. The idea for the Myo armband was born out of a fundamental question: how do we connect the real and the digital worlds as we move towards wearable and ubiquitous computing?

The Myo armband uses the muscles in your forearm to wirelessly control your phone, computer, and much more. It works over Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy and lets you use the movements of your arm and the gestures of your hand to control digital technologies. We named the product “Myo” after the Greek word for muscle (mys), which is, of course, the form of input used to communicate with the device.

Our first working prototype was created a little over a year ago and we’ve been making improvements on it ever since. We’ve decided to launch this blog to walk you through some of the challenges that we’ve encountered and decisions that we’ve made on our journey to bring this product to market. We’ll also be blogging about trends in the tech space and engineering experiments that we’ve done to get our product to production and beyond.

There will be numerous Thalmic Labs employees writing on this blog, from the various engineering teams (such as hardware, software, firmware, and machine learning) to the social media and design teams. We’ll also have employee spotlights that give you a glimpse into what some of us are working on. We hope that you find the content interesting and we encourage you to give us your feedback on our posts.

If there’s ever a specific topic that you’re interested in learning more about, please be sure to get in touch with us, by either commenting on our blog posts, connecting with us over Facebook or Twitter, or emailing thalmic@thalmic.com. We aren’t shy and we’re always interested in hearing your solutions to some of our problems, so please feel free to agree and disagree with us!