We decided it was time for a fresh coat of paint! Now, you'll find a main Thalmic Labs blog (this one) and a Developer blog (pictured). Here on The Blog, we'll talk about Human-Computer Interaction, gesture control, and our rapidly transforming world. Over on The Lab you'll find more video content, project posts for devs and hackers, and a whole lot more. A few features to watch for:

  1. We’ve got a better tagging system to help you find the content you want to see, and it includes the read time of each post.

  2. It’s easier to see multiple posts when browsing, and dead simple to sign up for our newsletter.

  3. Commenting is managed through Disqus, so it should be easier than ever to start a conversation with us.

  4. The content is changing too as the ecosystem of Myo applications grows. Look forward to more featured developers and cool demo videos in the future!

We’d love to hear your ideas for what you’d like to see.

Enjoy the new blog, and happy Myoing!