Introducing the Final Myo Design

After two years of development, we could not be more excited to share the final design of the Myo armband with you. As revealed today in our press release, the new design has taken on a more sleek design than the Myo Alpha units which have been going out to developers over the past six months.

The final armband features a state-of-the-art design and is comprised of a thin, expandable band, which is half the thickness of the Myo Alpha units. This new and improved armband also weighs in at just under 95 grams, which is less than the average male stainless steel wrist watch. Thanks to its light weight and thin design, you can wear your Myo armband comfortably under clothing, all day long.


What We’ve Been Up To

Since we began shipping out Myo Alpha units in December, our team here at Thalmic, especially members of our electrical, mechanical, and manufacturing teams, have been working night and day to nail this final design down to perfection. The Myo Alpha units were based on the design we began showing a year ago when we first unveiled the Myo armband. But we decided we could deliver an even better product to our early adopters, so we made the decision to go “all in” on the design we’re showing here today.

We leveraged the Myo Alpha hardware, while completely reworking the industrial design, in under six months. We significantly reduced the number of moving parts on the Myo armband, along with making the device 50% thinner. To make this possible, we had to spend a tremendous amount of time perfecting a new type of advanced manufacturing process, and testing many materials to find one that met all of our specifications. The new design, which uses a manufacturing process that we developed to encapsulate the electronics in rubber, is significantly more robust than the Myo Alpha units we had shown previously, pushing the limits of consumer electronics manufacturing.

We also challenged ourselves to improve the electrical design “under the hood”. With the Myo Developer Kits and final Myo armbands taking on a completely different shape than the Myo Alphas, our engineers needed to rework the existing electrical components to conform to the new design’s needs. We found ways to improve the sensors used on the Alpha units to better cope with wide ranges of skin conditions. In the end, we were able to improve sensor performance on the armband, and switched the sensor plates from copper to medical grade stainless steel.

Many of the challenges that we had to overcome over the past six months stemmed from our determination to create a device that was thin, robust, and one-size-fits all. Having a single size that fits all adults is a very challenging goal given the variance in forearm sizes, but is one that we were passionate about achieving with this design.

The Final Specs


For full specs and comparisons, check out the complete comparison chart. We’ll begin shipping out pre-orders for the Myo Developer Kits next month, with final Myo units shipping this September. All pre-order units will have final hardware.

If you’ve pre-ordered a Myo Developer Kit or final Myo unit, be sure to keep an eye on your inbox as we’ll be emailing you to review your pre-order details when we’re ready to ship! If you’d like to place a pre-order, you can do so here.

We hope you’re as excited about this new design as we are. We can’t wait to start getting them on your arms next month!