This past Monday, we hosted a live Google Hangout with two of our co-founders, Stephen Lake and Aaron Grant. We gave you the chance to email in any questions you might have about the Myo armband and we answered them throughout the 45 minute Q&A. Some of the main topics covered included the final design, shipping timelines, the gestures offered, and what Myo applications/integrations will be available at launch. We hope we were able to answer all of your questions and give you a better understanding about everything to do with the Myo armband.

Didn’t have the chance to tune in for the live Hangout? No worries! We’ve got it recorded for you below:

We also noticed that a few of our viewers left some questions on our Google+ event page during the Hangout. While we weren’t able to get to these at that time, we wanted to make sure that everyone had their questions answered. Check out below for all of the additional Q&A’s!

Guilherme: Hello! I’m from Brazil and I’m so anxious to develop new solutions with Myo, my question is… How long the battery can support in the last version? Has any estimated time for the device work full-time or in casual situations?

A. The Myo battery life is approximately 1 full day of use.

Ivan: Is it possible to track fingers?

A. The Myo is designed to recognize pre-set gestures, which are combinations of finger movements (such as a fist). Individual fingers aren’t tracked seperately.

Alan: Is Myo waterproof?

A. The Myo armband is resistant to sweat and moisture, but is not waterproof.

Chris: Are any of the materials used toxic?

A. No, the final design is composed of medical grade stainless steel sensors, plastics, and rubber materials commonly used in consumer electronics products.

Chris: Will the Myo have some sample code for the SDK? If so what language?

A. Yes, it will. The sample code will be available in various languages including C++, Objective-C and Java to start. More languages will likely be added in the future!

Petar: There are muscles in your legs too. Will the Myo work if you wear it on your leg?

A. No, the Myo is designed to be worn on your forearm only.

Nicklas: How will the final design be?

A. The final design is as follows:


This final design is the hardware that will be shipping for all Myo Developer Kits and final Myo pre-orders.

Carlos: So, am I understanding correctly? There is no way to create new gestures beyond those 5?

A. While you will not have the ability to create your own gestures, you will be able to combine gestures with various arm motions. The combination of the two will provide a way to create any number of different commands for your applications.

Terence: Your promo video shows a lot of cool interactions. One that stood out was the cooking iPad interaction. I would think in that application false inputs would be a problem. Has that been a challenge? And what are the main challenges you see of making Myo a mainstream product.

A. False inputs were initially a challenge that our Machine Learning engineers had to overcome. We’ve chosen a very specific set of gestures, and provided an enable/disable gesture that allows users to “turn off” recognition so movements are not accidentally recognized.

The biggest hurdle we foresee in making the Myo armband a mainstream product is getting people comfortable with a device that they have never interacted with before.

Yo Soy: Did you have any plans to send Myo to Mexico and other countries?

A. Yes! We provide international shipping to almost all countries, including Mexico. A list of the complete countries we ship to can be found in the country drop-down menu on our pre-order page.

Tung: Do you have any plan on integrating Myo into home automation tools such as Lockitron or Nest?

A. We‘ve had a number of third-party developers interested in using the Myo armband for home automation! It’s definitely possible that applications for these devices will be available at launch.

Wietse: Will Thalmic introduce some sort of app store?

A. Yes we will! The Myo Market will be the place to discover and learn everything about the Myo armband, as well as download applications. We’ll be opening this up closer to the September shipping date so be sure to keep your eyes out for it.

Seung: How do you plan to have many more applications work on the Myo?

A. We have had over 10,000 third-party developers apply to create applications for the Myo armband. Once developers have successfully created compatible applications and programs, they will be available for download through the Myo Market. We will also be providing applications that are created in-house by the Thalmic software team.

Christina: As a developer, can I get the sensor data without processing in Myo or not?

A. Raw EMG data from the sensors within the Myo armband will not be available at the developer level. Instead, EMG data is communicated as discrete gestures. You will, however, have access to raw motion (IMU) data as a developer.


If you have any additional questions, please leave them for us in the comments below! We’d also love to hear from you on Facebook or Twitter.