Feel free to follow along with this sample presentation for PowerPoint or Keynote.

Not only will a presentation with your Myo armband blow your audience away; features such as point and zoom can make a huge difference in the way you capture attention and share ideas.

The day of your presentation, you’ll want to follow these tips and tricks. But how exactly does Presentation Mode work?

To get started, make sure you have Myo Connect installed on your computer. If you don’t have it yet, visit myo.com/start.

As long as you have Myo Connect running, it will appear in your system tray or Mac menu bar. Open Myo Connect by right clicking on the tray icon and opening the Application Manager.

Opening the Applications Manager on Windows.

To activate Presentation Mode, just flip the switch at the top of Myo Connect. Myo for Presentations is built into Myo Connect, so you won’t have to download anything from Myo Market. While Presentation Mode is active, all other connectors will be deactivated.

Now you’re ready to present! Just open your presentation in PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides, Prezi or Adobe Reader and you’ll be off to the races.

To control your presentation, you’ll need to use three gestures:

Double Tap: Move Forward in your presentation. Your arm doesn’t have to be in front of you so feel free to relax your hand by your side.

Wave-In and Hold: Wave your hand inward, and hold until Myo stops vibrating. Keep holding back to go back multiple steps.

Make a Fist and Rotate: Depending on which way you rotate your fist, you can do two things.

  • Pointer: Make a fist and rotate it counter-clockwise to turn on pointer. You can customize the color of your pointer in Preferences. Double Tap to turn the pointer off.

  • Zoom: Make a fist and rotate it clockwise to zoom. Double Tap to zoom out.

For a complete refresher, take a tour of the Getting Started Guide in Myo Connect or watch this 90 second walk through. Make sure that your Myo armband is connected so that the Getting Started Guide is accessible in your Myo Connect menu.

Using multimedia in your presentation? Set video/audio clips to automatically play so you won’t have to touch your keyboard.

We’ve also created Pocket Presenter, an alternate Presentation Scheme that only works when your arm is down by your side.

Be sure to let us know about your next presentation with Myo!