We’ve been reimagining the Myo experience and today we released new updates that will take your Myo experience to the next level.

Myo Mouse and Keyboard

In this update to Myo Connect, you’ll find the Quick Launch Menu, a new way to launch web applications and take control simply by raising your arm and pulling down the menu.
Netflix, YouTube and more. Now quickly accessible with gestures and motion.

Toggle the new Myo Mouse and Myo Keyboard to navigate and search using gestures and motion. Myo Mouse and Keyboard will work with any application on your computer.

Since we launched Myo Connect, we’ve seen exciting changes. This release is Myo Connect Version 1.0. Yes that’s right, Myo Connect is out of Beta.

New Sync

The new version of Myo Connect also coincides with a new release of Myo firmware. Now you’ll be able to sync with your Myo by simply waving out*. Hold your arm parallel to the ground and try to keep your palm and fingers straight. You’ll feel an increasing vibration until Myo recognizes the sync and then you’re good to go.

*Myo must now be worn with the USB port towards your wrist. The Myo logo will be right side up when you arm is by your side (see image below). Be sure to put your Myo armband on this way every time you put it on. If you don’t, many applications will appear to be inversed when you move your arm.

Help, customization, and more

Take a walk through the updated help guides. For further customization, check out the updated preferences menu.

Remember, you can find over 100 applications and connectors in Myo Market.

*Our latest video filled with real-life applications of the Myo armband.*

We look forward to making more changes to make your Myo experience even better. Have questions or feedback? Let us know in the comments.