I’m thrilled to finally announce a new partnership for Thalmic Labs: renowned DJ Armin van Buuren is using the Myo armband in live performances to strengthen the relationship between DJs and fans. Learn more on our website.

We discovered that Armin van Buuren has had a passion for technology and innovation since he was a boy, and that he’s always looking for ways to enhance his performances and deliver unforgettable experiences for his fans.

Armin is partnered with Haute Technique, a Netherlands-based new media firm that works with companies like Intel and Dell as well as EDM superstars like Armin van Buuren and DJ Hardwell to bring cutting-edge technology to live performances.

Haute Technique was a part of our Myo Alpha developer program in early 2014, and they got to work building custom software to let Armin control stage lights in real time with his hands. They started the way all good tech companies do: gathering data.

At A State of Trance 650, Haute Technique used the Myo armband to record Armin’s motion and gestures, and then examined that data against video and audio they’d captured for a full picture of how his natural movements could enhance the show. Next, they teamed up with stage design company 250K to surround Armin with Magic Panels and used their own software magic to put them under Myo armband control.

The result is visually stunning, which you can see for yourself in the video above.

Armin’s not just in charge of what the audience hears but what they see and feel. It’s a truly immersive concert experience. Haute Technique’s approach was clever in that they started with motions that were natural for Armin as he executes his craft: he doesn’t even need to think about how his Myo armbands control the lights, he just does what comes naturally. This integration makes the entire stage an extension of the performer.

This is a great application for the Myo armband, but there’s a lot more to the Myo music story. A rich MIDI controller, basement hackers and industry developers alike are using the Myo armband to create digital music in real time. Soon, you’ll be able to handcraft an entire song using motion and gesture from your hands, and you can already control music players with the Myo armband straight out of the box.

Music is a fraction of what the Myo armband can really do. Combining motion and gesture, the Myo armband lets you issue countless commands to a piece of technology. There’s never been a device like it; an armband that gives you superpowers. You could use it to unlock your front door, make a song with MIDI controls, play a videogame, control a drone that can safely examine hazards too dangerous for human beings, navigate the map on a web-enabled mall kiosk, deliver a jaw-dropping presentation… and the list goes on.

It’s an incredible time to be pioneering new ways for humans and computers to work more closely together, and we hope that you’ll join us.