Although 2013 was an important year for Thalmic for many reasons, one of the biggest changes for the team came in November when we made the move to our newly renovated, custom designed, office space.

Now that we’re all settled in, we are so excited to share with you the space where the Myo™ armband is being brought to life. Below you’ll find photos of our new home and descriptions of the thought and inspiration behind it all, as told by our interior design firm, ThinkForm.



The feature wall utilizing the latest Christie Digital technology was the inspiration for the simple clean white gloss desk. The laser cut logo is back-lit behind colored plexi, which ties in with the moving images displayed by the digital tiles. The digital tiles were laid out to best utilize the promotional video without appearing static. The reception area also doubles as a station for the office manager and creates a natural division between the public and the workspace.



Patterned wall panels made of bamboo fibers were installed for both visual effect and practicality as they offer acoustic control. The carpet tiles were laid in a distinctive pattern for each break out room and glass fronts with a film coating were installed for privacy and infiltration of natural light.



Casual soft seating is combined with modern and textural elements as the room includes integrated technology and reclaimed wood panels were installed for visual and acoustical effect. Early reports say the Lithium room is Thalmic’s favorite meeting spot!



New 48″ benching stations allow for a workspace perfect for teaming. Stations are laid out on the column grid allowing for wide aisles conducive to impromptu, casual meetings and team collaborations. This new benching system includes accessories like built-in sofas, television stands, and skateboard and plant racks.


The benching layout is broken up by a large experimental lab. It was important that the lab activities be visible from both inside and out, to reinforce the importance of the interconnected relationship between the hardware and software development that is so integral to the Myo armband.



When Thalmic Labs vacated its crammed space at its previous office, our mission was to create an open, flexible, and highly functional space for a potential 100 employees. The space was to include several formal and informal meeting spaces including the large “boardroom” as seen here from the 27′ long granite coffee bar.

boardroom2 (1)

Transparency and distribution of natural light was important and this is why all enclosed rooms were constructed with glass fronts and sliding glass doors.


The 27′ long granite coffee bar serves as a lunch and dinner spot, meeting hub, and serving area for the twice daily catered meals.  The kitchen area is divided from the office space by a writable wall that encourages collaboration and expression. Meeting tables with writable tops are popular for break times and casual small meetings on the work side.


Incandescent softer lighting was implemented to differentiate this casual collaborative space from the workstation area.


Maximum flexibility with both the space and furniture was the goal for the main lounge. A foldable stage was designed to fit against the TV wall and when not in use – fold vertically into a closet. All furnishings were chosen to move easily so the open floor could accommodate rows of stackable chairs for community events.


As this portion of the building was an addition to the existing factory in 1910, the brick wall was a natural divider.  The built-in bench also doubles as a lunch/meeting spot and can be utilized for overflow seating during larger events.