Happy Black Friday (and Happy Thanksgiving if you’re in the States)!

Developers are hard at work building an ecosystem of applications for Myo users to control, and we’ve been tracking down the last hard-to-find Myo developers and shipping them their Myo Developer Kits (MDKs). The MDK program has been awesome: we’ve been getting emails every day about how excited people are to finally get busy building the uses for the Myo armband they’ve been dreaming of since they first saw our launch video. As we get ready to fulfill pre-orders for final customers, we’re no longer accepting MDK pre-orders.

Turning off MDK pre-orders is more than just a milestone: we’re also raising the price of the Myo armband to $199 on December 2nd. The next four days — from Black Friday to Cyber Monday — are your last chance to buy the Myo armband at the pre-order price: $149.

Everyone who has supported our journey so far has our deepest gratitude. The decision to raise the price of the Myo armband follows a lot of thinking and discussion, and we’re doing it for a number of reasons. But one thing that came up again and again was that it was deeply important to us that our early supporters got a benefit for their vision.

So to our early adopters: thank you. Thanks for ordering early, sticking with us, and working to transform the way humans and computers interact. To everyone still on the fence, you’ve got 4 days left to pre-order the Myo armband for $149.