Share a video for a chance to be featured in our next mashup! Create your own application, use an existing one, and show the world how you are using gesture control with the Myo armband.

Once you make your video, share it with us on Facebook or Twitter. Be sure to submit your video by April 10th, 2016 for your chance to be featured.

Not a developer? With Myo Keyboard Mapper, it’s easy to create your own connector for your favorite application. Assign gestures to keyboard and mouse clicks to control any application and export your custom configurations as Connector scripts for use with specific applications.

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At #thalmichackd, we made connectors such as Myo + Tetris and Mac Desktop Controls using Keyboard Mapper. These connectors are now available in Myo Market. Learn more about using the Keyboard Mapper in Myo Connect.

Open Keyboard Mapper, map gestures to your favorite application, and get filming! Make a video of you using your Myo armband and share it with us on Facebook or Twitter.

To all the developers out there, you’ve taken the Myo armband further than we ever thought possible. Continue to reach out on our developer forums and submit applications to Myo Market.

Watch out for the video on Tuesday April 12th!

Take a look at our last Myo application video mashup: