The Myo community continues to imagine possibilities beyond our wildest dreams. We turned to you for video submissions to help us create our latest mashup and you did not let us down.

Here are 20 of the projects that we chose to feature in the video:

1. ADORA - First Correction Series

This is the first the world has seen of ADORA and Myo, but it is certainly not the last. ADORA enables contact-free presentation of patient's information during surgical procedures by providing seamless natural user interface experience for physicians.

Watch out for their new promo video coming soon and check out their website:

2. LIVA, a project from the University of Bremen in Germany, is a Live Animation Tool. Watch this short demonstration of the tool uses Myo as an input device.

3. Muscle controlled bike lights, a Myo hack that uses the muscle and motion sensor controlled push bike turn and stop signalling system for safe riding at night.

4. Myo controlling Drone Swarm using Octoblu. Watch as a swarm of drones is controlled using hand gestures.

5. Using Myo to translate sign language. Researchers at Arizona State University are using Myo armbands to teach software a range of American Sign Language gestures.

6. A new era in music control. Get Leviathan: create and control music using only gestures and movements.

7. Unity, hand interfaces for hand amputees. Using Myo for hand implementation and interaction in VR.

8. Google Street View using Oculus. Experiencing Google Maps using Oculus and Myo.

9. Unmanned Ground Vehicles and Myo. Working to create more efficient operations.

10. BB8 + Myo. Immerse yourself fully into the BB-8 experience. Find out more about using your BB-8 with Myo.

11. VuWall Motion Demo, what to do when your screen surface is too big for touch? Use gesture control!

12. Experience gesture controlled gaming by using Keyboard Mapper or downloading connectors in Myo Market like Race the Sun or Counter-Strike.

13. 3D Archery Simulation using Oculus and Myo,

14. Introducing the world's first Myo-controlled prosthetic arm, researchers at Johns Hopkins University are using two Myo armbands to control a prosthetic arm.

15. Unity 3D and Myo for a presentation, a small game used to encourage females to pursue a career in technology.

16. Controlling Virtual Objects, an incredible peek into the future of Myo and Augmented Reality.

17. Myo + Turtlebot, it's fun to drive robots around with Myo.

18. A ROS Controller for Robonaut 2 in GazeboSim, trained to recognize gestures using the Myo armband.

19. Tricky Feedback 4SOUND Hacklab, real-time transforming different spectral visuals that would be projected onto the space.

20. DJ Terselubung, a DJ in Indonesia, has been experimenting using the Myo armband during his show.