Our Developer Relations team headed down to San Francisco on March 16th to attend the world’s largest and longest-running game conference: The Game Developer Conference (GDC). GDC attracts over 23,000 of the world’s best game developers, designers, and business decision-makers and showcases the newest technologies that will shape the future of the gaming industry. It was the perfect place to demonstrate the capabilities of the Myo™ armband and SDK, and to sign up developers who are eager to build Myo-controlled games!

In addition to walking the expo floor and meeting developers, we hosted formal meetups at La Mar on the beautiful Fisherman’s Wharf last Tuesday and Wednesday night. We had an amazing turnout! Attendees were able to get answers to their toughest questions and see various demos, including our recent Myo & Oculus Rift integration (Congrats to our friends Oculus VR! We continue to be excited for the future of virtual reality (VR) and the role that the Myo armband will play). Check out some of the photos below.




GDC gave us an opportunity to meet with some great journalists who were just as eager to learn about the Myo armband as the developers. Check out this Attack Gaming interview that shows Scott Greenberg from our Developer Relations team playing an interactive word game using the Myo armband. Also check out this video from CNET that dives into our Oculus Rift integration demo and shows how gamers can get their hands into the game within a VR world using the Myo armband.

We were overwhelmed by the positive feedback we got from the game developers at GDC and were very impressed with the visions that these devs have for the Myo armband in the gaming space. We certainly believe it will have a huge impact on the gaming industry and will give users an extra layer of immersion, especially within the VR space.

What do you think? What games would you love to see controlled using one or multiple Myo armbands? Let us know in the comments below or send us your thoughts to @ThalmicDev.

P.S. – If you’re a game developer and interested in getting your hands on the Myo armband and SDK, don’t forget to apply to the Myo Alpha Program for early access.