Canon Canada is setting up an innovation lab in the Communitech Hub and had a few folks over yesterday to say hello. Communitech is just down the road from Thalmic Labs’ head office and we hang out there often, so we were intrigued when our buddy Kurt Schwarz said he’d cooked up a special Myo armband integration for the occasion.

What he showed us yesterday has had my mind buzzing ever since: a motorized tripod entirely controlled by the Myo armband. Fist controls the shutter, and waving gestures moved the camera left, right, up, and down. As someone who spends more time than they care to admit sitting in front of a camera framing their own face, I can assure you that this would be valuable to every YouTuber. Likewise for photographers who set up in difficult or remote locations: having total Myo armband control of your shot is an amazing experience.

This is just a hack that Kurt put together for now, but it isn’t hard to imagine the future potential. The crazy thing about Communitech is that this could lead to a new company in a few weeks.