Buzzfeed went viral this week with a post highlighting technologies that prove we now live in the future. It’s a great list, and they’re bang-on about the fact that today we enjoy lifestyles that contain many of the technologies people have pointed to for decades to evoke “the future.” Hydrophobic fabrics, augmented-reality apps, self-stabilizing spoons, videos made from memories… the list goes on. It’s true: everything’s amazing and nobody’s happy:

But Buzzfeed missed a few brand new technologies that will give you chills:

The Hendo Hoverboard. C’mon, they forgot the hoverboard? Here’s their Kickstarter video, which doubled their goal.

The Myo armband. Okay, big surprise here, but I mean it is an armband that gives you superpowers. The Myo armband was invented on a pre-order campaign instead of a Kickstarter, and that campaign is winding down as final consumer units are now shipping.

NASA’s Mission to Mars. People are going to Mars. They will stand there, on the surface of Mars, leaving bootprints in Martian sand. They will become Martians.

Ariel Burton’s 3D, mid-air projector. It uses lasers to ionize air particles, which release energy as photons you can see. The end result is a floating hologram.

MegaBots, Inc. Giant, piloted robots that will fight for your entertainment. Still in Kickstarter mode, but I literally don’t know a single person who wouldn’t pay to see this.

The SCiO pocket molecular sensor by Consumer Physics, Inc. Another Kickstarter but they seem to have taken this idea further than anyone else, even doing some demonstrations for the media.

The Compact Fusion Reactor from Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works research team. Fusion-propelled airplanes that stay aloft all day with zero emissions or fossil fuels burned.

The Copenhagen Wheel by Superpedestrian. Turns any bicycle into a sophisticated electric vehicle by offering the rider 10x stronger pedal force. Controlled by a smartphone app, the installation is as simple as swapping out your back wheel.

Look at that. They could have had an even 30.