‘Tis the season for year-end wrap up. Around this time our news feeds are slammed with year-end list after year-end list as editors and journalists try to make sense of the previous year in retrospect. The Myo armband has popped up in a few.

We’re proud of what we accomplished in 2014. We nearly doubled in size, arrived at the final design of the Myo armband, partnered with a host of businesses (as well as artists like Armin Van Buuren) to unlock the device’s potential, won PWC’s Innovator of the Year award, launched the Myo Market, and shipped thousands of Myo armbands to developers and the first final units to consumers. It’s been a great and busy year.

That said, we’re taking this time to focus on the year ahead of us, not the one behind.

Our first product, the Myo armband, is designed for a computing ecosystem only just emerging. Many journalists and thought leaders looking to the year ahead predict lots of disruption in the world of wearable technology. We agree with this prediction.

As VR and Heads Up Display (HUD) technologies get smaller, cheaper, and more sophisticated, consumers will begin searching en masse for a new way to control immersive and mobile screens. As industries see the productivity potential in wearable technology, adoption in the workplace will rise. And as projects like the Physical Web make progress, more people will search for a touchless way to control shared screens in public spaces.

There’s no doubt about it: our world is changing. The pace, once fast, is now blistering. The Myo armband itself went from concept to market (transforming Thalmic Labs from an idea into a growing company) in just over two years. Things that were impossible a decade ago are downright boring to young people today.

All this change and disruption can be intimidating. But at the cusp of this new year we’re just excited. Excited for devices that work the way people want them to, smart enough to listen to people instead of expecting them to talk like machines.

We’re excited for a world where technology drops to the background, and seamlessly helps us live our lives — responding to our needs — instead of intruding on our attention.

We’re excited for seamless human-computer interaction. And we anticipate that in 2015 we’ll take some important steps towards realizing this dream. We’ll hope that you’ll share in the journey with us right here on the blog.

Happy New Year, and wishing you a safe, healthy, and connected 2015.