Immerse yourself fully into the BB-8 experience by controlling its movement with Myo. Use your arm to specify a direction of travel and speed. Download the Myo + Sphero app for iOS.

Connect BB-8 by bringing it close to your iOS device, just as you would with Ollie.

Once you are connected, an Ollie will appear in the app (whether you are using BB-8 or Ollie) and you are good to go!


You can now take your BB-8, Sphero or Ollie for a spin using hand gestures and the movement of your arm.

Control Scheme

The controls are simple, hold a fist and rotate your arm to calibrate the robot until the blue light is facing you. Then, extend your hand and spread your fingers to take control!


In drive mode, picture your forearm as a flat plane that BB-8 is balancing on. Point down to move BB-8 away and up to move BB-8 towards you. Start slowly! The Myo armband is very responsive and if you extend your arm too far downwards, BB-8 will start rolling quickly.

The mobility of Myo allows you to bring endless possibilities to life. Take life beyond the screen and take BB-8 for a ride with Myo.

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