When we first began our #ifihadMYO contest, we had high expectations for the entries that we’d receive from Myo fans like you. Apparently, our expectations weren’t high enough. We were completely blown away by both the quality and uniqueness of the ideas that we received! From the ever-popular gaming uses and virtual reality integration to home-automation, music production, and helping those with various disabilities… These contest entries prove that you’re as excited for a future with Myo as we are.

Although we can only have five winners, the many entries from this contest will still be put to great use. Thanks to your inspiring ideas, third-party developers from around the world will now have even more ideas to bring to reality.

And now, after much deliberation, the Thalmic Labs judges are pleased to announce our top five winning ideas (in no particular order)! These ideas were picked from over 5000 entries based on the quality and popularity of the ideas as judged by the Thalmic Labs team. It proved to be more difficult than we anticipated to narrow down our finalists, so we’ve also decided to share a few of our other favorites as honorable mentions later in this post.


#ifihadMYO I would use it to control prosthetic arms, so people can move them as if they were their own armsDavid S.

#ifihadMYO I would create paintings on large scale displays in public places #DOOH #Digital ArtJennifer J.

#ifihadMYO I would create the ability to perfect certain muscle memory movements – Golf Swing, BBall Shot, etc.Kevin H.

#ifihadMYO Music! Transform gestures into midi signals pumped into a synthesizer – totally redefining air guitar! -** James B.**

#ifihadMYO I would develop software to let surgeons manipulate CT and MRI volumes inside the operating room.Richard A.


#ifihadMYO I would use two of them as a natural interface for an OCULUS Rift VR headset. Welcome to the OASIS!Don O.

#ifihadMYO I would be able to control a recording studio single handedly. Even from within the recording booth!Brian C.

#ifihadMYO I would connect it to a three axis tripod and use it to take stunning photographs from a remote location.Michael S.

#ifihadMYO I’d find a way for soldiers to communicate by using hand gestures, even when they can’t see each other! -** Taylor S.**

#ifihadMYO I would create a super-sized game of tetris and project it on the side of our office building downtown.Brandon B.

Thank you all once again for entering our contest. Even if your answer wasn’t selected as one of the top five, you can still pre-order Myo for just $149.

Click here for complete contest rules and regulations. Winners will be contacted shortly.

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