Just last Friday, the Myo™ armband was announced as one of Popular Mechanics’ Top 10 Breakthrough Products for 2013. As a magazine that most of our engineers have been reading since they were young, it was a pretty proud moment for the entire team at Thalmic Labs! From the Pebble Watch to Boosted Boards and an electric lawn mower to the Xbox One, it’s evident that Popular Mechanics made it a top priority to find only the most innovative technologies from all corners of the tech industry.

In addition to the announcement from Popular Mechanics, we were included in NBC’s TODAY Show segment on the Breakthrough Awards finalists just yesterday. Our CEO, Stephen Lake, flew to NYC to perform a demo with the Myo armband and Google Earth. Watch the clip below to see Stephen navigate his way through a map of New York City with a Myo prototype on his forearm!

Take a look at the official list of the Breakthrough Award winners below, or see the full article here. Other than the Myo armband, which one of these would you like to try?

Pebble: A smart watch that allows you to connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth.


Cub Cadet RZT-S Zero Mower: An electric powered lawn mower that enables 60 minutes of near silent operation.


Other Machine Co. Othermill: A miniature 3D printer that can cut away layers of metal, wood, wax and plastic from above.


Seiki 50-Inch 4K TV: A super-high resolution television without the frills for an excellent price.


Makerbot Digitizer 3D Scanner: Turns the image of any object within its scan space into a virtual 3D model for editing and printing.


Boosted Boards Longboard: The motorized longboard with a top speed of 20mph.


BMW i3: The electric vehicle from BMW that weighs only 2800 lbs. thanks to the use of exotic and light-weight materials.


Xbox One: The brand new gaming console from Microsoft: “It can see in total darkness, track the fine movements of your hands and muscles, and even sense your heartbeat.” – Popular Mechanics


Rust-Oleum NeverWet Liquid Repellent: A nanotechnology spray that repels virtually all liquids on all surfaces.


Tell us your favorite inventions in the comments below. If you think any of these would work well with the Myo armband, join the conversation on our Developer Forums and share your ideas with our developer community.