Our community makes us love what we do. Last weekend, we hosted a live hackathon where you tweeted your ideas for Myo to @ThalmicDev. Thank you to everyone who participated, we had a blast!

Below are 6 (of the many) hacks that we made a reality:

1. Myosaurus

Myosaurus is the first Myo Market app that uses raw EMG to actually do something. Use your hand as a virtual sock puppet and enjoy your new friend! As a bonus, this virtual puppet kept the team laughing throughout night.

Interested in finding out how this was created? The Github repo will tell you everything you want to know! More importantly, be sure to play with Myosaurus, now available in Myo Market.

2. Myo Whip

Chasing people around with an invisible lasso is really fun. Flick your wrist to make the “whipshhhhhh” sound and feel like a Western superstar! This app is now available in Myo Market.

3. Snap On, Snap Off

The idea of snapping your fingers to turn lights on or off is really cool and we were excited to make it work with this awesome hack. Be sure to see the details in Github and check out our Home Automation Light Control playlist for other hacks!

4. Myo + Tetris

Keyboard Mapper makes creating Connectors for your favorite websites simple. We used it for this hack, and then played Tetris for longer than we’d like to admit!

Get Myo + Tetris, now available in Myo Market.

5. Mac Desktop Controls

Instead of holding down 3 buttons to take a screenshot, use Mac Desktop Connector and simply make a fist! You’ll also be able to wave right or left to switch between desktops and finger spread to see all your open windows.

Check it out in Myo Market.

6. NyanCat

No one asked for this, but one of our software developers, Elliott, knew the world needed it. Who doesn’t want to control an animated cartoon cat with a pop tart body and rainbow trail flying around on their screen anyway?

For the full list of #thalmichackd videos, be sure to check out our YouTube Channel (and don’t forget to hit Subscribe!).