There are over 100 applications in Myo Market. Here are just 15 ways people around the world are exploring gesture control with the Myo armband:

1. Myo Mouse and Keyboard
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Control your computer from a distance. Point, click, and type using your Myo armband.

Myo Mouse and Keyboard is built into Myo Connect. Learn more.

2. Myo for Presentations

Put down your presentation remote and engage with your audience in real time. Use Myo for Presentations to control your slides, a digital pointer, and zoom in on your presentation using gestures and motion.

Find out more about using Myo for Presentations. Built into Myo Connect.

3. Myo Music

Stay in control on the go! Download Myo Music for iPhone or Android.

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4. Keyboard Mapper

With Keyboard Mapper, making a connector for your favorite application is easy. Simply map gestures to keyboard presses and mouse clicks and you’ll be controlling a new application with the Myo armband in seconds.

Learn more about using Keyboard Mapper in Myo Connect.

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5. Race the Sun

Ready. Set. Race! Control Flippfly’s Race the Sun using the motion of your arm.

6. Counterstrike

Use your Myo armband to replace your mouse. Shoot bad guys from your couch and play with your friends.

7. Fruit Ninja

Use gestures to slice fruit and play Fruit Ninja for Windows!

8. Play Audiosurf

Load your favorite song into Audiosurf and play on a course dynamically generated by your music.

9. Use Myo as a puppet

A virtual talking puppet show! Just another way to bring your computer to life with Myo.


10. Play with a friend

With connectors like Drunk Painting Simulator, compete with a friend to cover up as much as the blank portrait as possible.

11. Quickly launch websites

Use the quick launch menu built into Myo Connect to launch Twitter, Facebook and more. Find out more about using the Quick Launch Menu.

12. Use Myo as a remote for Roku, Kodi, Netflix

If entertainment is what you’re looking for then you’ve come to the right place. Check out the Multimedia category in Myo Market for connectors for Roku, Kodi, Netflix, Spotify, YouTube and take control with a wave of your hand.

13. Take control of Sphero

An intuitive and easy way to take control of Sphero. Master high speed rolls with your Sphero, Ollie, or BB-8.

Download the app for iOS.


14. Fly drones like a superhero

Get a bird’s eye view fully controlled by your hands. With apps like Parrot 3.0, we’ve made it easy for you to take flight.

15. Create an interactive experience on stage with Leviathan

Control your favorite music software and analog synthesizers using custom gestures and movements with Myo.

Take a deep look at the data your Myo armband can give you by taking a look at the Myo Diagnostics page.